Gail (Huntsville)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the psychic ability course and have learned far more than I thought I would. The lessons are laid out in an orderly and concise way and lead logically from one week to the next. Freya is an excellent teacher whose years of experience and personal psychic ability come into each lesson in a very relevant and important way. Her classroom is a perfect venue for this subject. Homework assignments are clear and very interesting as they involve learning new ways to meditate and getting in touch with one’s own goals and psychic ability. There is plenty of time for discussion and questions relating to each week’s homework.

I feel that the most import things that I have taken from these classes are as follows:

1. I have learned to shut off the mind chatter.

2. I have been able to establish my most important goals.

3. I have gained the confidence to begin to read Tarot as a profession.

4. I have earned several different ways in which to enter meditation.

5. I have developed the habit of meditating daily.

6. I have learned to be aware of and connect to extra sensory perception and use it in my

Tarot readings and in my daily life. Because of where I live I drove 500 kms each weekend and over the course of the 10 weeks spent 70 hours in my car, but I would do it again because of the value of this course in my life both personally and professionally.

Go ahead and take this course … you will not regret it.