My Tarot Mantra….“Tarot, Tarot, Tell me True, Tell me what I Need to Know from You”

has preceded my Tarot readings for many years. I know that the influence it calls in is real and I am not sure if it is spiritual or something genetic that I inherited or both but I do know that it works and provides magic for my personal readings and relevant information to my clients and students.

Whether reading for a client, teaching a class, or seeking guidance for myself, my mantra request reminds me to get out of the way, set ego aside, and simply allow the story to emerge from the cards before me.

Some reading stories emerge quickly – I see the pattern completely almost instantly. Others weave an intriguing pattern that requires a concentrated, undivided attention span to unlock. A few require meditation and work over time to show the results indicated by the cards. They all provide direction on what need to be done to achieve a change or the results indicated by the cards. I chuckle as I write this because when I am directed to do something and I groan, I hear a merry voice say: “You don’t get something for nothing you know; you have to work for it”.

My job as a Tarot Reader is to let the flow of the cards emerge, see the patterns of the story in the cards, and communicate the steps required to achieve the possibilities indicated by the calling of the Tarot influence. In other words, I see the patterns in the cards, tell the story based on the cards you pull,under the guidance of the influence called by the mantra:

‘Tarot, Tarot, Tell me True, Tell me what I Need to Know from You!”

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