As many of you are aware, I read and teach the Tarot as well as Kabbalistic Journeying. I write this because when I read and teach there is a “presence” with me that shares intuitive prompting that I often interpret and pass on to clients and students. The “presence” has become very insistent lately that I design and teach others to connect with the psychic intuitive energies around them and how to integrate and use that “energy knowledge” in their life path. As a result of the prompting we are opening a:


We have now expanding the space necessary to accommodate those interested in pursuing this learning experience. The following are some of the programs available:


  1. Tarot Reading Course

The Tarot Reading Course with Freya combines a sense of fun with a sense of seriousness. It will help improve your intuition and will help you see the potential and inner connections inherent in your life reflected in the cards. The course may also provide a mirror where the end result can help you make informed choices. It may also make it easier to find answers to personal desires and fears. With the skills one develops throughout the course it allows the cards to assist you in developing the courage to confront the hidden realities of life head on! It also provides the opportunity to chuckle over cards that turn up regarding self and others!

The Tarot Reading Course with Freya also provides many Card Reading Layouts that you can collect to accompany you on your life’s journey. These are just a few on the benefits of learning to read the Tarot. Hope you will join us!



  1. Developing Psychic Ability

For those of you who have taken my Tarot classes or have studied the Tarot yourself or studied with someone else you may be interested in further developing your intuitive/psychic skills with the program “DEVELOPING PSYCHIC ABILITY”.

The Psychic Ability Program works with the “energies” that surround all of us. Learning what they are, how they work, and how they can be developed and ethically utilized is what this program is about. We will also work with any special skills presented by class members. As indicated, I have a “presence” that I can tap into. In working with these energies I am sure you will become aware of the “presence” that has always been with you, and begin to develop that relationship more fully.

We all have psychic ability and the “Developing Psychic Ability” course of study with Freya can help you learn how to develop your skills. Carl Llewellyn and Joe Slate in their book “PSYCHIC EMPOWERMENT FOR EVERYONE” tells us that:

We all have psychic abilities because they are a natural part of our being, but they can and should be developed for the greater fulfillment of our potential as a human being”

The benefit of this course of study is that you will develop your psychic skills to the best of your ability. You will test yourself with all the Clair’s: Clairvoyance, Clair-audience, Clair-cognizance, Clair-sentience, Clair-tangency, Clair-olfaction, and even Clair-gustance, which will increase your intuition immensely. You will leave the course with greater awareness of the Universe we live in, the joy of purposeful breathing for sixth sense development, the effect of imprint energy on your energy field, the Aura and the energy fields around us, recognizing and developing your sixth sense, white light usage and much, more.

The prerequisite for this program is the course in learning the ancient art of Tarot Reading.


  1. Traveling the Pathways of the Ancient Kabbalah

The ancient Kabbalah’s earthly pattern is represented as the “Tree of Life” which contains 10 Temples of Knowledge, which are joined by 22 Pathways. Traveling the pathways through inner and outer imagery allows you to access the deep recesses of your higher self. If you wish to climb the Tree of Life and ascend to greater heights of awareness the program will greatly assist you.

The program can enable you to attain knowledge of the divinely created “worlds” and the beings that inhabit them. Through careful preparation your inner potentials can be realized. This Program bridges the levels of consciousness that are easier for us to access to those which are more difficult to work with and control, and they are only hidden today in that they lies behind and influences all other levels of consciousness.

Join us and experience greater knowledge of self, remembering that the greater knowledge also entails greater responsibility for self. Are you ready to bridge to a heightened level of consciousness within yourself? If the answer is yes then this program is for you!


  1. Transforming your Life’s Journey with Chakras

This program integrates all the knowledge gained in the foregoing programs into your life experience and helps direct the impact of the life challenges you may face.

The program help you look at:

  • your self-sufficiency and security,
  • the fun and pleasure in your life,
  • the energy you have to do the things you want to do,
  • how you connect with others,
  • how you are dealing with intuition and connections with your inner self,
  • helps you look at the lens through which you perceive everything, and
  • examines how you are interconnected and in unity with yourself and humanity.

NOTE: The “presence” may have yet another program brewing……?